Friday, February 26, 2010

Some fun with CMM-i

For the CMM(i) fans or users, there is an extraordinary presentation available on the SEI (Software Engineering Institute).

Have a look here:

A funny description of the "Blame Allocation" process, described in the same "professional" way as the usual CMMi processes. Very funny and creative... but in fact very close to reality: this seems to be THE only process perfectly under control in many large organizations. A must read for all people involved in process improvement.

An interesting fact is that the very serious SEI is hosting such a "joke" (a very intelligent one) on their site.

Highly recommended !

Friday, February 12, 2010

Software technology wiki

I just started a new wiki, with information and experiences with software related technology and processes. This will include software packages, open source or commercially available, information about process improvement, quality, tips and tricks (how to...). Feel free to contact me for more information and/or to contribute.

If you want to pay a visit: