Saturday, May 8, 2010

Californian Paranoia

various_-12, originally uploaded by gugs.

Something specific to California... this was on a small glass I bought in San Francisco. As usual in California, a serious warning for your health, but does it really make sense ? Based on the warnings I have seen, I should not have eaten anything in SF, because restaurants were serving products possibly containing lead, and all kinds of stuff resulting in cancer, the hotel I was staying at was using products causing serious health problems including cancer and so on, and so on. Two possibilities: either those warnings are really serious and the whole population should be panicking, and stop eating or drinking in such a dangerous area, or like everywhere else in the world, you can die from something and not caring about it would probably not influence your life at all. And back to the glass, if the danger was really serious, why is it even alllowed to sell it ?