Thursday, November 13, 2008


Sometimes brand name and logo are so strong you can recognize the brand just by having a look at one single letter using their standard font... here is the "company" alphabet... guess who is who

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Interesting quality links

While browsing, I found a few interesting sites about poka yoke (mistake proofing) and bad designs.

This one is about badly designed user interfaces, or systems:

This one is a very nice mistake proofing site with a lot of useful information:

Specifically about software mistake proofing

and the famous hotdog sawstop example:
the video
how it is designed

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Turkish traffic lights

TU3_2482, originally uploaded by gugs.

an interesting concept: the number of remaining seconds is being displayed on traffic lights, red or green, you exactly know when the lights will change...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Rest rooms size - do architects know their job ?

there is something I have noticed for years in almost all buildings I have visited... restrooms are the same size for men and women, resulting in HUGE lines of women waiting. This is absolutely normal since they need more space and take more time than men, This is a universal fact negated by all architects in the world. The surface dedicated to women restrooms should be almost twice the surface for men... it seems that no architect in the world knows this and has been capable of doing his/her job properly for the last 30 years.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Cans Poka Yoke

I found a can with an old design during one of my recent travels... this has been modified for a long time in most countries so that when you open a can, you cannot get cut with the seperate metal pull tab anymore.

Old bad design found in Hong Kong

The recent classical design

There is another problem, in the new design the tab is moving inside the can and comes in contact with the beverage, a potential hygiene/safety issue because the cans are not that clean... I found an example in Italy where they have a solution for this:

Ethernet Poka Yoke

This is an interesting example of mistake proofing for a simple connector: the well-known ethernet cable connector... as many other people around the world, you probably have broken the small plastic piece clicking into the female connector to secure the connection. This is a major design flaw because those things break too easily if you move the cable...
I just found a new type of cable with a simple mechanical protection avoiding the issue. I am traveling a lot with such a cable and I broke a few of them very quickly... I am now using the new design for months, not a problem.

The old design (broken)

The better design