Friday, August 21, 2009

We are trying harder...

A simple comment about the "voice of the customer". The AVIS car rental company is using "We are trying harder" in their marketing communication. I have used AVIS quite a few times and have always been (very) happy with their service and price/performance ratio BUT the message is strange to say the least. As a customer, if I have a problem, I don't want my supplier to "try harder" than the competitor, I want a reliable supplier solving the problems or not creating the problem in the first place. The message is quite defensive and sounds very negative to me. I would be curious to hear the perception other users might have, I consider this giving a negative image of the company...If we are thinking of this in an NPS context (net promoter score) - a concept using a simple metric based on customer satisfaction to determine the potential of a company - I would give a high score to AVIS based on my personal experience, but the "try harder" message could be damaging the score: who wants a supplier "trying" something, everybody wants suppliers "doing" their thing.

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